Policies & Procedures

We understand that pricing and costs are a top concern in regards to catering and your budget is our first consideration.
Please note the following:
• All orders placed for delivery outside of the Student Union must meet a minimum of $50.00 purchase. Orders for less than $50.00 can be set up for pick up at the Student Union Catering Kitchen.
• Market price is applicable where noted with select menu items
• Prices reflected in the catering guide are for a minimum number of guests (minimums are indicated in each menu section). Additional charges will be added to the per person amount if the order falls below the minimum.
• Pricing varies with the selected menu and the specific requirements of each function. Additional charges may occur if event requires more resources than what is customary. For example, if labor intensive set up is required, an additional fee may be applied.
• All catering orders received less than (3) working days prior to the event date will incur late and/or service fees.
These fees will include, but not limited to, additional labor and procurement charges.
• Prices are guaranteed three (3) months prior to the event

Ordering Guidelines and Information

Please follow the guidelines below when placing a catering order. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Northern Class Catering at 859-572-7787 or 859-572-7782. A professional catering representative will be happy to assist you in planning your event. Please have the following information available when arranging your event:
• Date of Event
• Location
• Name of sponsoring department
• Billing name or budget administrator
• Type of service - buffet, plated, or delivery
• Number of guests
• Service time and length of event. All full service meals are based on 4 hours including set up and beak down (2 hours set-up, 1 hour service, and 1 hour breakdown). If your event exceeds 4 hours or has special requirements for set up and break down, additional fees may apply.
• Contact information (name, phone, fax, email)
• Budget

Step 1: Reserve your Room

As the host, you are responsible for securing a location or room on campus. Rooms can be booked at rooms.nku.edu. Once the location is confirmed, contact Physical Plant Operations at 859-572-5249 to plan the room set up including all tables and chairs needed for the event (buffet tables, registration tables, guests seating, etc.). For events where building access is limited (i.e. weekends, evenings, or security purposes), it is the responsibility of the department contact person to arrange for access to the building and room. The Northern Class Catering team will need the doors of the event location or room unlocked 2 hours prior to the start time of the event. If requested, your catering representative will offer guidance in the layout of your room including placement of food buffets and guest seating. However, you are responsible to communicate the final room layout to Physical Plant Operations.

Step 2: Contact Northern Class Catering by phone or email

Once the event location is booked, place your order by contacting Northern Class Catering at 859-572-7787 or 859-572-7782. You can also order online at nku.catertrax.com.

Step 3: Contract, Booking Deadlines, Final Guarantee, and Cancellations

All catering events require a signed contract from the contact person with an accepted method of payment. The event is not considered confirmed until contract is signed and returned to the Northern Class Catering Office. We recommend the catering order be submitted at least two (2) weeks in advance. For larger more elaborate events, we recommend 30-60 days in advance.
Three (3) days prior to the event, Northern Class Catering must be informed of the exact number of guests attending. This number or final guarantee of guests attending is not subject to reduction and is billed accordingly. If no guarantee is received three days prior to the event, the expected attendance shown on the contract will be used as the guarantee. For plated events, we prepare to set and serve 5% over the guaranteed number up to a maximum of 15 meals. For all catered events, if the number of event attendees exceeds the final guaranteed count, the sponsor will be billed for the attending number of participants. We are able to accommodate most increases in final counts, but reserve the right to substitute products for the event, due to ordering, scheduling, and food preparation requirements. Changes to your event made after the three (3) business day guarantee will incur additional fees. The fees may include, but are not limited to, additional labor and procurement fees that are incurred in order to deliver your selection.

Delayed Service

On the day of your event, if the agreed upon beginning or ending service time of your meal changes by 30 minutes or more, an additional labor charge will apply.


5 days prior or more to date of event no charge, 3 days prior or less to date of event 50% of estimated total, Less than 24 hours 100% of estimated total. Cancellations for all catering must be sent in writing to the Northern Class Catering Office. Events cancelled as a result of the University closing for inclement weather or emergency purposes will not incur any charges provided the event is rescheduled with Northern Class Catering within 30 days.

Other areas of consideration:

Service of Alcohol, Bartenders, Set-Up for University Affiliated Events In order for us to provide alcohol at an event, you must complete and submit an approved alcoholic beverage event form from the Office of Conference Management two (2) weeks prior to the event. This form (along with instructions and alcohol policies on campus) is available from the Office of Conference Management (859-572-6502). Northern Class Catering will not serve alcoholic beverages unless this form has been processed and approved two (2) weeks prior to the event date. Northern Class Catering, as a licensee, is responsible for the administration of the sale and service of alcoholic beverages in accordance with the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Liquor Authority regulations. Northern Class Catering will purchase and store beverages for each event. One bartender is provided for every one hundred guests at a charge of $35.00 per hour per bartender with a 4 hour minimum ($140.00). Bar table, linen top, skirting, glassware, ice, and corkage fee are included in the above fee.

Non University Affiliated Events

All of the above applies however an approved event form from NKU Office of Conference Management is not required.

Event Service Charges

All services charges are quoted in the per person menu price indicated unless otherwise specified. The following are included in the per person price for events held in the University Center and Student Union: • Food and beverage items • Linens and table skirting • China, glass, and flatware • Appropriate number of service staff All charges are inclusive unless special requests require additional goods or services. All off premise catering (in rooms outside of University Center and Student Union) is delivered using disposable service ware. China service can be added to off premise events for an additional 10%. Adequate service staff is provided for each catering event based on industry standards. Northern Class Catering reserves the right to require additional servers on events with complicated set up or service needs. Additional servers or attendants can be added for off premise events for $35.00 per hour per server (4 hour minimum applies). Bartenders are $35.00 per hour (4 hour minimum applies). All weekend orders have a minimum of 25 people.

Buffet Service

When planning an event that includes buffet service, please consider table requirements for the buffet service. Consult your catering representative for assistance in determining the appropriate amount of space needed. Buffet Service pricing is designed for 10 guests or more. Events with fewer than 10 guests will be priced separately. Please note that for smaller events, the labor cost is the same yet is now applied to fewer people therefore increasing the per person costs associated with the event that decreased in size. Our Food Works menu is recommended for smaller less formal service events. A customized menu is another option for smaller events.

Table Service (Plated meals)

Standard table service price per person includes white table linens, white napkins, essential condiments, and a standard floral centerpiece(s). Additional floral arrangements and select colored linens are available on request. Consult your catering representative for more information. Additional tables for registration or display can be skirted including a linen top for $15.00 per 8’ table. Table Service pricing is designed for 24 guests or more. Events with fewer than 24 guests will be priced separately. The labor cost is the same yet is now applied to fewer people therefore increasing the per person costs associated with the event that decreased in size. Our In Any Event menu is recommended for smaller less formal service events. A customized menu is another popular option for smaller events.

Delivery Service

All off premise orders (outside the University Center and Student Union) over $50.00 will be delivered free of charge. All deliveries that are off campus will incur a $50.00 delivery fee. Disposable trays, plates, flatware, paper napkins, and service ware will be used for all off premise orders and are included in the price. A catering attendant will be responsible for delivery and pick up of all non-disposable catering equipment. Non-disposable catering equipment is the property of Northern Class Catering and is made available to the client during the event. It is the host’s responsibility to ensure the equipment is protected during the event.

Operating Hours

Normal operating hours for Northern Class Catering are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Deliveries outside normal operating hours may incur an additional charge.

Service Staff (at private residences)

An 18% service charge will be added to catered events at private residences.

Dietary Considerations

Northern Class Catering will accommodate special dietary requests for individual guests with three (3) days advance notice.

Exclusive Caterer

Northern Class Catering maintains the exclusive right to provide all food and beverage on campus. No food or beverage will be permitted to be brought on campus by the host or host’s guest or invitees without approval from Northern Class Catering.
Due to local Health Department regulations and liability issues, prepared food items that are not consumed remain the property of Northern Class Catering. Food items may not be taken off the premises; however, excess prepared food is donated under regulated conditions to agencies feeding the underprivileged at Northern Class Catering’s sole discretion.

Payment Policy

Payment is due in full within 10 days. All money due to Northern Class Catering will begin to accrue 1.5% interest from the date of the invoice for all sums over 30 days. If you are a off-campus client you must pay in full before the date of your event.

Sales Tax

All services are subject to a 6% sales tax. Any groups who are tax exempt must submit a copy of their Tax Exemption Certificate to the Northern Class Catering office when booking their event.

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